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4 Incredible, Amazing Years!

January 15, 2005 The Daigle's were established! Its crazy to think 4 years have past! What a magical journey it has been! I am so beyond blessed and grateful for my beloved husband and our greatest gift, our Ace! I could not of dreamed it any better! I thank God for him and these 4 great years! An amazing husband full of love and a fabulous daddy! He is by far the most romantic man I have ever met. How I ended up Ms. Daigle, only the Lord knows. He is the planner, and did he plan. We escaped for a beautiful, peaceful, romantic night at the Montage Hotel. Amazing, it is! We had a lovely dinner, ocean side, which was opened up by the most precious prayer led by him. It was my favorite part and most treasured memory of January 15, 2009!
Here is a quick picture from our dinner celebrating 4 years.

We left the Montage and headed out to a local dive for some down home good ole' eggs, potatoes, and toast. This is definitely more us, for sure. Its fun to do the uppity thing every once in a while (like really once in a while) but we are more just laid back people. We both looked at eachother and grinned at how excited we were just to relax and grub, in our sweats I might add! Here is a photo of us, the real us! :)
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