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Amanda Beard on Michael Phelps: "A swimmer's life is extremely boring. We swim and we're in the pool all day long. I know he trains his butt off, so I know it feels good for him to let loose and drink—and to have ladies underneath his arms. It's good for him."

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Beyond Landlord status at Duke and becoming Atlanta's fifth overall pick in 2006 draft, Shelden Williams' basketball career has been in a malaise. Al Horford rendered Shelden superfluous in the ATL, and Williams became the supposed sweetener in Sacramento's Mike Bibby sell-off. Here in Sactown, Williams has never grasped the rapt attention of the Kings coaches nor the fans. He has been mired on the bench, seeing the scraps cast aside by Sacramento's more cherished youngsters.

On the other hand, his personal life seems to be going swimmingly. He has been engaged to former Tennessee superstar Candace Parker, without question the best women's basketball player in the world. In the WNBA offseason, Parker stays with Williams in Sacramento. Inseparable, the pair.

The pair had apparently been planning a big wedding, but according to Melody Gutierrez of the Sacramento Bee, they couldn't wait any longer and decided to elope in Lake Tahoe last month.

At least Donté Greene can return that crock pot he got on sale in preparation of the wedding. No word on whether the pair will put together a big reception. If so, I hope Candace doesn't invite fellow L.A. icon Kobe Bryant, because he and Francisco Garcia do not get along.
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Russian cutie pie, Maria Sharapova, had the highest winning percentage on tour this year at 89%.

Sharapova went 32-4 through the year. She started out well, winning the first 18 matches she played this season. She played great at the Australian Open winning her 3rd Grand Slam. It certainly looked like it would be Sharapova’s year.

Unfortunately, in March she strained her shoulder playing at Indian Wells. Then in the French Open she struggled, losing in the fourth round. At Wimbledon she was defeated in the 2nd round.

Then in July, doctors discovered that her shoulder injury was actually a torn rotator cuff. That ended her season. She withdrew from the Olympics and wasn’t able to play the U.S. Open.

So what began as a very promising season was cut short by injury. One can only wonder what her year would have been like if she had not injured her shoulder. The year could have been all Sharapova, with a No. 1 ranking at the end of the year. As it stands now, she is ranked 9th. And even while playing injured in several tournaments, she still had the highest winning percentage on tour. That’s quite an accomplishment.

Sharapova’s recovery has gone well. She is planning to play in the Australian Open again. Hopefully her injury is completely healed and she can show us this year what might have been last year.

Good luck, Maria!


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shawn Johnson blog update

Hey everybody… Im not sure where to even start? Its been so long and i know i’ve failed to blog and keep you all updated but hopefully ill make up for it. Ive been so busy lately just trying to catch up that time has kind of slipped by. I cant believe 2oo8 is almost over!!! We finally finished tour tho which was quite bittersweet. It was one of those things where we were all really happy to go home but really sad to leave each other...

Shawn BLOG:

It probably wasn't as tough as a double-twisting double layout, but gymnastics champion Shawn Johnson did some good deeds Monday in Calumet City.

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UGG boots designed by Shawn Johnson and Nastia Liukin

TNA has been low in the ratings for a little while now. Sure, they come up every once in a while and with the new Main Event Mafia vs. the TNA Front Line, it should have increased.

But, it has stayed the same pretty much throughout. So, TNA's founder Jeff Jarrett is willing to do anything, even bring in a former WWE Diva. He is trying to bring in one of my favorites and I know one of yours, Torrie Wilson.

Jeff Jarrett has reportedly been in talks with the two-time Playboy model for some time now. Wilson left WWE last Spring, and has since been focusing her time on a new clothing store, which she has opened in Texas.

The clothing store is apparently doing very well right now, however, concerning a debut with TNA, Wilson has said "never say never." Former TNA Knockout Gail Kim, who is close friends with Torrie, was also pushing for her to join the company when she left WWE.

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