Candace Parker, Shelden Williams Elope in Tahoe

Beyond Landlord status at Duke and becoming Atlanta's fifth overall pick in 2006 draft, Shelden Williams' basketball career has been in a malaise. Al Horford rendered Shelden superfluous in the ATL, and Williams became the supposed sweetener in Sacramento's Mike Bibby sell-off. Here in Sactown, Williams has never grasped the rapt attention of the Kings coaches nor the fans. He has been mired on the bench, seeing the scraps cast aside by Sacramento's more cherished youngsters.

On the other hand, his personal life seems to be going swimmingly. He has been engaged to former Tennessee superstar Candace Parker, without question the best women's basketball player in the world. In the WNBA offseason, Parker stays with Williams in Sacramento. Inseparable, the pair.

The pair had apparently been planning a big wedding, but according to Melody Gutierrez of the Sacramento Bee, they couldn't wait any longer and decided to elope in Lake Tahoe last month.

At least Donté Greene can return that crock pot he got on sale in preparation of the wedding. No word on whether the pair will put together a big reception. If so, I hope Candace doesn't invite fellow L.A. icon Kobe Bryant, because he and Francisco Garcia do not get along.
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