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Simply put, Jennifer Barretta is smoking hot. One of the better billiards players in the world, Barretta brought something special to the game. This former Ms. Philadelphia fitness winner is very easy on the eyes. It is no wonder that when Barretta is shooting pool in NYC, there is a line out the door of people who want “next.” Growing up, you were big into tennis. You made the switch to billiards. Even with tremendous success on the tables, do you regret leaving the courts? I was never good enough at tennis to compete at a high level. I love the game, but unfortunately it’s very difficult to play in Manhattan.
Women’s sports show tremendous success when the sport becomes sexy. Do you feel a connection to Anna Kournikova or Natalie Gulbis, to people that introduced sex appeal to their sport? Yes, I do. People often call me the Anna Kournikova of pool, and I know they mean it in a derogatory way, but in my eyes she transcended the limitations of the sport and earned more money. People often criticize Anna (and me!), and say that we can’t really play, but that’s just not true. To be ranked in the top 12 in the world of any sport is an incredible accomplishment.
I have made the Anna K argument about tennis that you made. I agree with it 100%. The guys in the sport should kiss you and Danica’s feet. You girls made the guys a lot of money, and are great for the sport. Being ranked in the world is not easy…. people should respect it more. As they say in P.R…any attention is good attention. Look what Tonya Harding did for women’s figure skating.
You were on the fast track in billiards, and then son Max came along. You haven’t been on myspace in 6 months, your personal web site has not been updated in a year. Admit it, you shouldn’t be in a World’s Hottest Athlete contest, you should be in a World’s Happiest Mom contest That couldn’t be more true! Before Max, pool meant the world to me. I still love the game, and I miss playing every day, but Max will only be this little once and I don’t want to miss a minute of it. Pool will be there when I’m ready to return.
Do you see yourself rising to the top of the billiards world anytime soon? I know what it takes to be the best at something, and to be honest, I’m not willing to make that sacrifice. My 14 hour practice days are over. I would like to go back on tour, be competitive and hopefully get back into the top 16.
There is a lot of info out there on you growing up shooting20pool, that you live in NYC, and that you like to snowboard. In all of your previous interviews, you come off very intelligent. In one interview, you said the person you most wanted to meet was Stephen Hawking. Nobody has asked you about your education. So, tell us, where did you go to school, what did you major in, and how often do people take one look at you and instantly underestimate your brain power? You’re getting the long answer on this one…growing up, my father, who holds a PhD in physics, was a University professor. I remember being about 5 years old and he would take me to class, where I would sit with a magnet, a compass and a pencil and map the magnetic field of the magnet. Later I attended that University (Villanova University) and received my Bachelor’s Degree. When I moved to New York I decided that I wanted to be a designer,so I went to Parson’s School of Design and got my Associates Degree in Fashion Design. I love to learn…that’s why I was so drawn to pool. There’s always more to learn about the game. As for people thinking I’m stupid? Who cares.
Fans across the country were very disappointed when you did a photo shoot for Playboy, and it was NON NUDE. Would you like to make it up to your fans and strip down for InGameNow? We could have a photographer at your door in 12 hours. Ha! That’s funny! Honestly, Playboy didn’t ask me to go nude. Would I have? Who knows, but something tells me that InGameNow wouldn’t be throwing six figures at my feet!
InGameNow is prepared to offer you $99.99 for nude photos (feel free to sleep on it) Hmmm…I’m carefully considering. Will get back to you on that one.
18 months ago, I told my wife we were getting a dog. She had 4 weeks of excitement waiting for him to come. The night before we were supposed to pick up the dog, I told her a puppy would be too much responsibility for us, and gave the dog to my cousin. What would you do if your husband did that to you? I would bring my husband to the pound. Where we would pick out another dog who really needs a home.
All of our athletes have been asked these two questions. First, which type of athlete do you find sexiest? There are a lot of sexy soccer players out there.
Do you ever get bored of always shooting pool inside? Do people play outdoors?I once had an exhibition outdoors in downtown Bakersfield, CA. After dark. In 90 degree heat. It was awesome!
How do you fare against the men in billiards?It really depends on the man, but the average Joe really doesn’t stand a chance. There are quite a few serious local players that can kick my butt.
Will we ever see a time where a woman is considered the best billiards player in the world? Unfortunately, no. The men play a whole lot better, and have a much deeper field. That’s not to say the top woman can’t beat the top man in a race to 9, but for a woman to consistently win men’s pro tournaments…not gonna happen.

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