Former WWE Diva Torrie Wilson Going to TNA?

TNA has been low in the ratings for a little while now. Sure, they come up every once in a while and with the new Main Event Mafia vs. the TNA Front Line, it should have increased.

But, it has stayed the same pretty much throughout. So, TNA's founder Jeff Jarrett is willing to do anything, even bring in a former WWE Diva. He is trying to bring in one of my favorites and I know one of yours, Torrie Wilson.

Jeff Jarrett has reportedly been in talks with the two-time Playboy model for some time now. Wilson left WWE last Spring, and has since been focusing her time on a new clothing store, which she has opened in Texas.

The clothing store is apparently doing very well right now, however, concerning a debut with TNA, Wilson has said "never say never." Former TNA Knockout Gail Kim, who is close friends with Torrie, was also pushing for her to join the company when she left WWE.


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