We've been enjoying! We've been having fun, enjoying our last month before spring training! It's coming fast! Really fast! We went to the LA Zoo with my best friend Toni and her son Easton! Fun stuff! We went to the swap meet! We went to Santa Monica Pier and enjoyed watching a seal a float a boat! It was beautiful! Ace loved the rides & cotton candy!

Here is photo of Casey and Ace at the Swap Meet! We had a blast! Yes, those are iguana's on the loose, hanging out on twigs! Ace was in Awe! Good Times!

I went out to meet my parents in Connecticut at the Mohegan Sun Casino, for a Coach's Convention. Mizuno had me out to sign, I spoke at the clinic, and hung out at the Finch Windmill booth during the baseball show. It was so interesting to see and meet many baseball coach's, most ex-players. The Finch Windmill being a shoulder exerciser, many coach's talked how bad their shoulders are. I think at least 75% of these Coach's spoke of shoulder/arm/elbow problems. Hello, this is why you, your son, your players need the Windmill!!! Its been tough for my dad to break in to the baseball world. The Windmill is mostly sold from word of mouth in baseball, which comes from boys improving and others seeing their improvements.

Yes, my dad invented it, I do have personal interest, but It works! If we could only get it out there. Kids are improving 2-8 mph in 8 weeks on the Windmill! I truly feel kids Need this, baseball Needs this! After hearing and seeing all of this former players talk of arm problems, surgeries, or many even unable lift their arm! It will help, not only for speed & accuracy, more importantly injury prevention and it helps promote equal muscle balance. The only catch is you have to use it to see results! 5 days a week, 3 1/2 minutes a day. It might sound like a commercial, but after this weekend it made me realize dramatically how badly baseball players Need this! I don't want these young guys to grow up having to play catch with only their mom because their dad can't!

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